Latimer Congregational Church

Holiday At Home

Holiday at Home is essentially a way of introducing 60+ year olds to the gospel message. The team puts on a varied programme of crafts, games, singing, etc interspersed with a gospel message and a testimony from someone in the church. At Latimer we have three Holiday at Home events each year, the first is in spring and is a single day, the second is in the summer and is a three day event and the third is a one day event in the autumn.

We held our first event in the summer of 2012 and right from the beginning each Holiday at Home has been a very happy time. The folk who come are so appreciative of what is on offer and the team members enjoy their company as well and the result is a wonderful atmosphere in which to share the gospel. When planning for Holiday at Home we are always conscious of the need for something for the men to do. They are not all into flower arranging, knitting, card making so we have made bird boxes, planters and shoe racks at various times.


The last Holiday at Home was our summer three day event - Wednesday 5th July, Thursday 6th July and Friday 7th July 2017. Details for the next session have been announced and we will be pleased to welcome you to our Autumn Holiday at Home on Friday 1st December 2017, 9:30am to 3:30pm.

Booking forms are available by telephoning (01482) 861261.