Latimer Congregational Church


Autumn News

By Iain Clements, 24 Aug 2017

Although it has been a long time since I was in full time education, September still feels more like a fresh start than January. It is probably because it comes after a holiday, and I feel far more refreshed now than in the new year.

As we begin this new academic year in the church there are a number of items I want to highlight:

Sundays - Over the new couple of months we will be hearing God speak through Psalms 15 -24 in the morning, and we will be concluding our series in Matthews’ gospel in the evening. We have also got a couple of visiting preachers, who include Richard Myerscough from Pontefract. He will be preaching for us in November.

It is a particular joy to begin September with a baptism service and fellowship lunch for Alexander Clements. There is no better way to begin a term than focusing our attention on God’s great covenant promises to us in the gospel. Phil Highton (who has been with us before) will be taking the baptism and he will be preaching. We are hoping there will be many visitors coming. Phil will be preaching evangelistically so it would be a great service to invite friends to.

Work Morning - We are very blessed as a church with the facilities we have. We are also very grateful to those such as our cleaners and the building team who work so hard. However, the work of cleaning and fixing things can’t just be left to a few. On Sat 9th Sept from 8.30am-12.30pm there is an opportunity for us to all to devote some time to clean and work on the building - to get it looking as good as we can (just as we would with our own homes!) Feel free to pop in between those times.

Home For Good Evening - Living as a Christian in the 21st century raises all sorts of questions, challenges, and opportunities, and it would be wrong to ignore them. I am hoping that once a term we will be able to get someone to come and address one of those issues for us at a mid week meeting.

This term on Thursday 21st September someone from the organisation Home For Good will be coming to speak. They encourage, inspire and equip Christians and churches to adopt and foster children, and to teach us how to support those who do. I heard them give a presentation at the Keswick Convention, and it is no exaggeration to say it was life changing! Even if you would never imagine that this would have any relevance to your life, do come along. After all, part of true religion is to “visit orphans and widows in their affliction” (James 1:27).

Harvest Family Service - Sun 24th September. Richard Harrison will be taking a family harvest service on this Sunday morning. The discoverers age children will be staying in the service, and we will have our usual collection of food for Caring For Life.

Jean Luc Visit - Instead of a Saturday evening harvest event, we have got Jean Luc with us from Isaiah 55 on Thursday 28th September at 7.30. He will be sharing about the work in Marseilles and there will be an opportunity to pray for him and the organisation.

Time With Dad - Beginning Sat 30th Sept 8.30-11am (and then the last Saturday in each month). A new drop in activity morning for dads and their children (between 0 and 7). There will be lego, jenga, painting amongst other things, as well as a Bible story time and bacon butties to eat! Please pray that folk from the local area will pop in. We have publicity available if you've got friends you'd like to invite. For more information, please speak to Paul Walker.

Latimer Lads - There will be no Latimer Lads in September, but this will begin again the first Saturday in October (7th). We will be beginning to read and discuss a new book - “Destiny” by David Gibson, an excellent book on Ecclesiastes. Please speak to me if you’d like me to get you a copy of the book.

Church Weekend - October 13th - 15th. Peter Robinson from Whitby Evangelical Church will be speaking, and David Plant will be with us again to teach the children. We will begin as usual with takeaways on the Friday night, then will meet together on the Saturday, and conclude with our morning service, fellowship lunch, and 2pm communion service on the Sunday. Please make every effort to be there! We are also planning to have some kind of activity/trip out on the Saturday afternoon - if you have any ideas please pass them on.

Martin Luther Evening - This year marks 500 years since Martin Luther first nailed his 95 theses to the door of Wittenberg castle church, an event which is commonly seen as being the starting pistol for the events which became the Reformation. On Sat 4th November (between 6-9pm) we are holding an event to remember and explore what this means. We will be hearing a talk from church history expert J Philip Arthur, and then we will show a brand new film about Martin Luther. We are advertising this widely so we are hoping many will come.