Latimer Congregational Church


Update 20/3

By Iain Clements, 21 Mar 2020
I realise that for all of us, social distancing and isolation raises all kinds of new difficulties. They will be different for each of us. Some of us are adjusting to a new level of noise around us. Others are struggling with the quietness. Some of us are attempting to work, getting half as much done for twice the amount of effort. Others are struggling to find ways to fill the time. Some feel this is a bit of an exaggerated response, others know this is desperately needed. Let’s be praying for each other. 
I’m also aware that the extra time available, amount of time we may need to be online, coupled with a desire to escape from what’s going on means that for some there may be all manner of temptations. If you are struggling, please don’t struggle alone. 
This Sunday I will be preaching two “one off” sermons. The morning reading will be Amos 9, “The lion roars”. The evening reading is Psalm 121 “From where does my help come from?”. I will send clear details about how to access them tomorrow evening (I’ll try and send an email out around 5pm). Putting it simply - the services will be up on the blog page of the church website
Please also pray for the American team that were due to visit us. They are flying straight back from Africa to the US on Sunday - please pray they are able to fly. If you were at the church meeting a couple of weeks ago you will know who I am talking about. I was going to let the rest of the church know all about them this Sunday in the services and encourage us to begin to plan and prepare! Sadly these plans are now cancelled.