Latimer Congregational Church

An Amazing Adventure 2021

Preparing for Jesus

The definition of Advent means the coming of a Notable Person. For Christians around the world it’s a time to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ to earth.

We remember God’s generosity as he gives the world the most amazing gift of his only Son Jesus Christ who is born in a stable, lived on earth as a man, died on the cross and rose to life again for the sake of humankind.

Advent of course also forms the word Adventure – an unusual, exciting or daring experience. This year some of our Church members share their adventures about Jesus. Why not click on the videos and links below to see what they have to say about their experiences of how Jesus has changed their lives.

Do you dare to come on an adventure in 2021 and find out more about what Jesus has done for you and me?

"Waiting with hope"

Listen to what Katherine finds amazing about the Christmas story and view the beautiful Nativity scene she created.

"Lo within a manger lies, He who built the starry skies"

"The Flamborough Lighthouse and Why Jesus is the Light of the World."

One of Kath's favourite songs is Nativity "I love the song because it tells the good news about Jesus. What we need to know, is covered in that song," explains Kath. Click on this link to hear the song Nativity

"The great news at Christmas"

"Count the gifts you have that don't cost any money".

"Becoming a Christian at Christmas"

"Good news of great joy for all the people"

"The 50 year old Christmas present - a love token"

"We can't be good enough - why that's good news"

"Nativity sets"

"The Russian Doll nativity"

"Things are different but Jesus is the same"

"The most wonderful time of the year"

"Our First Christmas"

Ray and Lesley mention a song in their message. Click on the song O Come all Ye Unfaithful by Sovereign Grace to access it.